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Child-Pugh Score

The Child-Pugh score employs five clinical measures of liver disease.

Each measure is scored 1-3, with 3 indicating most severe derangement. The total score indicates liver disease severity


1 point

2 points

3 points

Total bilirubin, μmol/l (mg/dl)<34 (<2)34 – 50 (2 – 3)>50 (>3)
Serum albumin, g/l>3.52.8 – 3.5<2.8
INR<1.71.71 – 2.20> 2.20
Hepatic encephalopathyNoneGrade I-II (or suppressed with medication)Grade III-IV (or refractory)

Chronic liver disease is classified into Child-Pugh class A through C, using the added score from the table above.

PointsClassOne year survivalTwo year survivalLife expectancy
5-6A100%85%15-20 years
7-9B81%57%Should be evaluated for liver transplant
10-15C45%35%1 – 3 years

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