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What type of allergy do you have?#

Allergies to latex Camera icon., or dental materials Camera icon., are important considerations in dentistry.

Food, seasonal, or environmental allergies may indicate other yet-to-be- discovered allergies or susceptibility to developing asthma.

Some medical conditions, such as spina bifida, are associated with a higher incidence of latex allergy.

What are the signs and symptoms of your allergy?#

Recognition of signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction reported by the patient may differentiate between an adverse reaction to a medication and a true allergic reaction.

An allergic reaction is caused by vasodilation, increased capillary permeability, and constriction of bronchial smooth muscles sometimes leading to urticaria (hives), welts, edema, and breathing difficulties.

Angioedema occurs when the edema affects deeper tissue.

What types of medications are you taking for your allergies?#

Anti-allergy medications indicate what type of allergy the patient may be suffering from.

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