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Prosthetic Heart Valve

What type of prosthetic valve was inserted?#

A valve can be mechanical or bioprosthetic. Mechanical valves include caged-ball, single-tilted disc, and bileaflet-tilted disc. Bioprosthetic valves include, heterografts and homografts.

Different types of prosthetic valves require different levels of antithrombotic and anticoagulation therapy.

How many valves were replaced?#

Patients with more than one prosthetic valve will be anticoagulated at higher PT/INR levels (different anticoagulation therapy ) than patients with only a single valve replacement.

What types of medications are you taking?#

Patients with prosthetic valves are commonly on anticoagulation therapy.

Do you have any drug allergies?#

Drug allergies may affect the type of medication used for antibiotic prophylaxis.

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