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Anemia - Oral Health Care Considerations

  • Address the underlying cause of anemia, such as bone marrow suppression.
  • Recognize intraoral signs of anemia, such as pallor of the mucosa.
  • Address oral symptoms of the anemia, such as burning tongue and erythema of the oral mucosa Camera icon., and ulcerations Camera icon..
  • There is little risk of exacerbating the anemia with routine dental procedures, as a loss of 500 cc of blood is necessary to decrease the hemoglobin level by not more than an estimated 1 g/dL in a patient with a normal hemoglobin value.
  • Any type of dental care can be performed with a Hgb >10 g/dL.
  • Very low Hgb levels may pose a risk for coronary ischemic events.

Medical Complexity Status - Anemia#

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See Medical Complexity Status for more information.

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