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Eating Disorders (ED) - Oral Health Care Considerations

  • ED require a team-based approach, including a physician, registered nurse, psychiatrist/psychologist, registered dietitian and social worker.
  • Once the oral health care professional recognizes the presence of an ED the patient/guardian should be approached and if indicated referred to an ED program and the patient‚Äôs physician.
  • Many patients with EDs have concerns with their self-image. This can be addressed and, if indicated, esthetic/cosmetic enhancement of the dentition can be suggested.
  • The acidic environment due to purging, or oral dryness, may cause teeth erosions and trauma to the oral mucosa and pharynx, as well as enlarged parotid glands.
  • Determine the type of dental restorations offered to the patient based on type and extent of erosion and oral dryness.
  • Patients experiencing regurgitation and frequent vomiting may present with palatal enamel erosions Camera icon.

Medical Complexity Status - Eating Disorders#

Eating DisordersMCS1B
 Drugs/ drug

See Medical Complexity Status for more information.

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